December 8, 2011

Brad Weinstock’s Road to Playing ‘Frankie’ in Jersey Boys Second National Tour

December 8th, 2011

Michael Elkin, Arts & Entertainment Editor at the Jewish Exponent has a fun interview with JB second national tour’s “Frankie Valli”–Brad Weinstock. Here’s a sneak peek below:

Just five years out of Northwestern U., Weinstock begins his national tour right here, right now, after a medley of minor roles in the Las Vegas edition.

Life is, indeed, concedes Weinstock, too good to be true.

But how did this nice Jewish guy get cast in the rough and tumble, Mob-related tale of the singing Four Seasons that had true-life sordid situations that even six-pack-abs Mike Jersey Shore Sorrentino might not have been able to stomach?

He came, he saw — he sang. And it didn’t hurt either, says Weinstock with a laugh, “that I’m short and have dark features,” similar to Valli’s.

Weinstock, who played the understudy for the Frankie Valli role a few times in Vegas, has strong memories of Valli’s multi-octave range. He remembers “listening to him on the radio during long car trips my family took when I was a kid to the Jersey” beaches.

Who knew those trips would one day detour to the stage, with his career GPS set not for the shore but the Forrest? Well, maybe a relative of his from those days at Temple Beth Emanu-el knew. “For my Bar Mitzvah, one of my cousins made me a collage of playbills of shows I had done as a kid throughout school and at camp.”

Visit to read the full interview.

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  1. Brad, you forgot the “g?” No worries — “g” is a bull$h*t letter.

    I swear I was just telling stubbletwo how my cantor also told me to avoid dairy before my bar mitzvah, due to the phlegm factor. By the way, isn’t “Phlegm Factor” a new reality TV show for octogenarians? (I’ll stop now – no way I can compete with the guy who wrote that article!)

    Comment by stubbleyou — December 9, 2011 @ 12:26 am

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