July 3, 2012

Calgary Connects With Jersey!

July 3rd, 2012

Stephen Hunt of the Calgary Herald has posted a marvelous review of the JERSEY BOYS first national tour in Calgary. Here’s a preview:

Nothing says American dream quite like four guys from Jersey who managed to create more than two dozen hit singles, sell 100 million records — and still mess up their lives enough that you feel sorry for them.

Although maybe sorry’s not the right word.

Whatever the right one is — splendid, wonderful, unforgettable — I dare you to walk away from the Jubilee any night when Jersey Boys is running without humming a Four Seasons song.

Jersey culture is everywhere these days in pop culture, so there’s pressure on the cast to deliver the authentic goods, and they do. Gardiner’s DeVito might be the most troubled, but he feels pretty true to the world of the story, too. Lomenda’s Nick is like the band equivalent of a stay-at-home defenceman: he puts the band first, at the expense of his own happiness, until one day he doesn’t. Bwarie’s Frankie hits every high note beautifully, even as his personal life falls apart. Boyd’s Gaudio, the one guy out of the four with a bit of business savvy to go with his musical brilliance, teaches Frankie how to navigate the music business, forcing him to confront the fact that he isn’t just a nice guy from the old neighbourhood anymore.

Visit CalgaryHerald.com to read the full review.

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