January 25, 2012

Check Out DCP’s Fun Feature on the 2nd Natl Tour Jersey Girls!

January 25th, 2012

2nd natl tour jersey girls
The Jersey Girls of the 2nd National Tour: Natalie Gallo, Ruby Lewis, and Kaleigh Cronin (Photo Credit: Dayton City Paper)

Brian P. Sharp of the Dayton City Paper has a terrific feature on the three actresses who play over 50 roles in the second national tour JERSEY BOYS company. Here’s a preview:

So, who are these three women — these three women behind the men we know as the Jersey Boys? We’ve heard it before … it’s the woman behind the man. Well in this case, it’s three women behind the men, and those three women play over 50 roles in the production of Jersey Boys now on stage at The Schuster Center through February 5, 2012.

I had the opportunity to meet these three amazing young women backstage … in a “quick change” room that measures approximately 8 x 8. Just imagine … three women, six dressers and three hair stylists working feverishly to get these actresses in and out of costumes and changing hair styles, sometimes all at the same time — in split seconds — in only a 64 square foot space! Most women and some men (if they admit it) need more room than that on a daily basis. But … the show must go on … and while there is an amazing show on stage, there’s a whole different show backstage getting these women in and out of character. It’s a show within the show!

These women are truly busy — Ruby Lewis plays over 19 roles including Francine, Frankie Valli’s daughter. Kaleigh Cronin plays over 18 roles including Lorraine, Frankie Valli’s girlfriend, and Natalie Gallo plays over 11 roles including Mary Delgado, Frankie Valli’s wife.

Visit DaytonCityPaper.com to read the entire story.

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