June 23, 2013

Check Out More Jersey Boys Top 5′s by Jeff Madden: Daily Must-Do’s & Liquid Relief

June 23rd, 2013

Jeff Madden

As JERSEY BOYS Australia takes its final bow next month after an amazingly successful run, Jeff Madden has been blogging about some wonderful JERSEY BOYS Top 5′s on his Taking the Wheel blog. Check out a sneak peek of the daily “must do’s” & “liquid relief” in the show:

Preview of Jeff’s Top 6 Daily “Must-Do’s”:
1. Get eight hours of sleep, eat healthily, take vitamins, and drink tons of water.
Sleep is a no-brainer. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, leaves you with enough energy, and keeps your mind sharp. ‘Nuff said.

Like anyone who wants to perform at their highest level, musical theatre performers must eat a healthy diet and supplement with vitamins as required. I’ve always had a high metabolism, so I’m usually quite hungry in the morning. I never skip breakfast. Ever. I’ll try to have a large healthy lunch, but sometimes the lunch is small and the dinner is large. But whatever I do – and I’ve learned this the hard way – I never perform Jersey Boys with food in my system. Ideally, the last meal I eat will be between two and three hours before showtime. There’s way too much running around while vigorously using my diaphragm singing and screaming in this show to have food in my system. Ugh… I’m getting sick just thinking about it.

And water. I never stop drinking water during the day. It keeps the voice happy, heals up everything quickly, and keeps things running smoothly. I probably drink 2-3L of water during the day, then another 2L at the theatre between warm-up and warm-down. Maybe more. (And yes, I have planned my drinking and bathroom breaks very carefully during the show… haha).

Click HERE to find out more about the daily “must-do’s.”

Sneak Peak of Jeff’s Top 5 “Liquid Relief”:
1. On Crewe’s Couch: My first onstage drink occurs in Act 1 during Bob’s season, “Spring”. We’re enjoying a celebratory ‘shot’ with Bob Crewe, rejoicing in the fact that we’ve got the money together for our first recording session. The ‘shot’, which I assume is meant to be whiskey (Canadian Club, perhaps?) is a delicious room-temperature Iced Tea, and it perfectly whet’s the whistle for the next section leading up to the Big Three, ‘Sherry’, ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’ and ‘Walk Like A Man’. Hmm, maybe drinking the Iced Tea is the secret for hitting all those high notes…

Click HERE to read the rest of JB’s Top 5 liquid relief.

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