September 17, 2016

Check Out Sneak Peek of Travis Cloer’s (traviscloer) Fantastic Interview with @Robin_Leach!

September 17th, 2016

jbfare Rob Marnell, Deven May, Travis Cloer, and Jeff Leibow

Approximately 24 hours from now, the JERSEY BOYS Las Vegas company will be on stage for their final performance after eight and a half glorious years.

Travis Cloer has done a lot of interviews over the years, including quite a few JBB Exclusives–but this is THE ONE that truly says it all with the amazing correspondent Robin Leach! Check out a sneak peek below:

Robin Leach: As an actor, you’ve played a person in Frankie Valli who never retires. He’s still going strong, and you now have to put him behind you.

Travis Cloer: It’s weird. I’ll hopefully be able to take some of his mojo with me and continue doing my own thing and be inspired by him that way, but it is strange to say goodbye to the role. He’s been a part of me for so long, almost become my identity in a way in my artistic life. I’m excited, though, to see how I can use his inspiration to keep going myself.

Robin Leach: How do you shed the identity of another person that you became for a decade?

Travis Cloer: That’s a good question and one that I’m still trying to figure out. I don’t think that I’m ever going to completely get rid of it, and, in a way, I don’t know if I do want to completely get rid of it because I’m still proud of what we’ve done with the show and what it has meant to people and what my performance has been to people. In a sense, there’s bragging rights to say that I did this.

Click HERE to read the entire interview!

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