September 19, 2011

Critic Connects with Jersey Boys in Omaha!

September 19th, 2011

Another fantastic JERSEY BOYS review in Omaha! This one comes from Analisa Swerczek of Check out the preview:

The staging of the musical numbers is simple and classy, giving way to the music and letting the talent of the performers shine through and carry the numbers – which they do brilliantly!

Joseph Leo Bwarie heads the group as Frankie Valli, the sweet-voiced soloist of The Four Seasons. He has a boyish charm about him that the audience is instantly drawn to. As he grows in the character, he earns the respect and love of the audience. You just plain like him, both as Frankie and as Joseph.

Matt Bailey is wonderful as the tough guy, Tommy DeVito. He seemed to be the true leader of the group. He commands the stage with such charisma – his stage presence is unmatched.

Adam Zelasko is icy cool as Nick Massi, the quiet one in the group. For me, he was the most intriguing of the show. I couldn’t help but think that he held the most secrets of the group and had seen the most of the ups and downs. I found myself wondering what he was thinking through most of the show.

Quinn VanAntwerp, who played Bob Gaudio opening weekend, the songwriter and baby of the group, was a definite standout in the show. His youthful character, matched with his almost pop-like vocals, made him more accessible and relatable to the younger generation.

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