February 3, 2016

Critics Keep Raving about Jersey Boys at Orpheum!

February 3rd, 2016
Jersey Boys national tour sit-down scene (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

Jersey Boys national tour sit-down scene (Photo Credit: Jeremy Daniel)

JERSEY BOYS national tour plays the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco through 2/14/16 & critics keep posting rave reviews. Check out the latest updates:

StanfordArtsReview.com: I had fun, I was moved, and I left the theater smiling at the main takeaway of Jersey Boys. As Valli says during the endearing outtros, in which each member claims that their success was “all thanks to me,” the most important thing that brought the men together, brought them happiness, and saved their lives was their love for the music. Music saved them, and I couldn’t help but think about how many people in the audience had also been saved and fulfilled by music, maybe even by the Four Seasons’ music. With that kind of heartwarming, universal sentiment, I can certainly let a few more Jersey boys into my life.

BayAreaPlays.com: For me, one of the most emotional moments of the show goes right back to that saxophone conversation. I am always struck by the simplicity and drama of Gaudio, a man whose friendship with Frankie is encapsulated as he watches a key moment unfold, a big brother beaming with pride. It meshes beautifully with a discovery Frankie makes when a certain significant milestone is made. It is a moment that only the stage play can give, a moment meant for a live audience, a moment that stirs the soul and induces tears.

GilroyDispatch.com: It is a refreshing departure from the usual fluffy bios of other musicals of famous individuals and groups. Director Des McAnuff moves his people at a swift pace and brings in a tight fast moving production that needs seat belts.

“Jersey Boys” will bring back fond memories for some and open a new door to a special music for others. This is a show you will remember and want to see again and again.

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  1. Aaron De Jesus delivers a great performance! Saw the show a second time tonight and he was really working in the second half. The crowd went wild.

    Comment by Sheila — February 10, 2016 @ 3:30 am

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