August 15, 2012

Former Jersey Boys Natl Tour Cast Member Josh Franklin Looking for Backers for His Debut EP on

August 15th, 2012

Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin Former JERSEY BOYS first national tour cast member Josh Franklin, who played Bob Gaudio, is trying to reach one of his biggest lifetime goals–to record his debut EP. Josh is looking for backing for this exciting project on Check out the story below:

Our Very First Album!!! Josh Franklin – Much Anticipated

by Joshua Franklin

Growing up in Colorado Springs all I ever wanted to do was play music. Today that has manifested itself into song writing and I’m really proud of the work I’ve put into my music.

Some of the music is pop and some of it is more folk but all of it you will LOVE! I’ve had several concerts in NYC with my group and people constantly want to walk away with a recording. Well, this is our chance to give the people what they want. There’s no telling where this might lead but it’s all going to start with you.

We plan on recording some of the EP here in NYC and some back home in Colorado. I’ve chosen 5 of my favorite songs to record but depending on how everything goes, we may just record a full album. Of course we will be posting pictures and video of the whole process so you can be even more involved. Looking forward to sharing these tunes with you all!!!

Click HERE to help Josh in achieving his recording!


  1. I got to know Josh when he was with the first national tour as Bob Gaudio. I’ve experienced his talent twice more in the companies of “Anything Goes” and “Ghost”. With “Ghost” closing, it would be great to encourage him in his next venture of a CD of his great music. I’ve heard it and his songwriting ranks with the best of ‘em..indeed, he’s right behind the real Bob Gaudio!! Please check this out. Any contribution, big or small, would be most appreciated by Josh.

    Comment by Howard — August 15, 2012 @ 9:38 pm

  2. I had the chance to see Josh on the National Tour in Atlanta a few years ago. He is a very talented young man and he made a wonderful Gaudio. His stage door manners would also make the Jersey Boys family proud. Very gracious, polite and friendly! I think the blog has been so wonderful with keeping up with past cast members, as they all will always hold a special place with the fans and deserve credit for helping with the longevity of the show. It is also fun to see where they are at now and every once in a while there are programs like “Kickstarter” where people can get involved in helping these artists further their career. Every little bit helps. The Jersey Boys family are the warmest and kindest people I have ever met. Let’s help Josh meet his goal and make his dream a reality.

    Comment by Carolyn Miller — August 15, 2012 @ 9:41 pm

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