October 2, 2009

Frankie Valli Chats About His Career, JB, and More!

October 2nd, 2009

There’s an interesting Q&A with Frankie Valli in yesterday’s Newsday.com with reporter Valerie Kellogg. Here’s a preview:

Frankie Valli’s got it going on, and it’s not just because the 75-year-old and his Four Seasons are returning to Capital One Bank Theatre at Westbury, where they will perform three sold-out shows Friday through next Sunday (10/9-10/11).

The Tony Award-winning “Jersey Boys” continues to wow audiences around the globe. Valli predicts it will be made into a film, although he won’t say who he thinks should play him.

The onetime cast member of HBO’s “The Sopranos” says he wants to do more acting, and that’s not all. He’s getting into the food business.

Q: What do you like most about playing Westbury?
A: It’s always a challenge to work in the round because you’re not facing your entire audience the whole time. The challenge is trying to cover the whole theater while you’re working.

Q: You’ve been singing since 1958. How do you keep your voice in shape?
A: I usually take a hot shower for 45 minutes to an hour and sing.

Q: Why does that help?
A: Your vocal cords are like a rubber band. . . . The steam in the shower kind of helps to loosen them up. You do your vocal exercises and sing a few songs and know how good or how bad you’re going to be that day.

Q: Why do you think “Jersey Boys” has been such a success?
A: There are untold stories that were never written about the Four Seasons when we were having success. We were afraid that if the public found out the guys had trouble in their lives, that the radio might stop playing us, and the record companies would not give us a deal.

Read the full story on Newsday.com.

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