November 13, 2010

Frankie Valli Shines at Shea’s!

November 13th, 2010

Frankie Valli at Shea’s (Frankie Valli at Shea’s Performing Arts Center Photo Credit:

Last night, Frankie Valli performed at Shea’s Performing Arts Center and reviewer Garaud MacTaggart notes that it seemed like a reunion of a singer and his audience, with both sides drifting on the waves of remembrance. Here’s a preview of this great review:

Valli has one of the great falsetto voices in pop music and, by virtue of half a century of touring, knows how to work with an audience. All of this — the history and the artistry — came to Shea’s Performing Arts Center Friday night.

As for the actual concert, it was a solid, well-performed, carefully crafted set that focused on the songs at the heart of Valli’s career.

By the time he began the closing moments of his show by singing the very first hit song he had as a solo artist (“Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”), the fans in the house were in audible rapture.

It was a good gig.

Visit to read the full review.

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