June 2, 2010

Inside Daniel Robert Sullivan’s Dressing Room

June 2nd, 2010

JB TO’s Tommy DeVito Daniel Robert Sullivan (standing) with castmate Michael Lomenda, who plays Nick Massi. (Photo Credit: Eyeweekly.com)

Mira Saraf chats with JERSEY BOYS Toronto’s Daniel Robert Sullivan about the many fun items in his dressing room at Toronto Centre for the Arts. Here’s a sneak peek:

1. Sullivan, who hails from the Empire State, arrived in his new dressing room the morning of the Olympic gold-medal hockey game between Canada and the US. “When I arrived, my entire room was decked out in Canadian memorabilia. It was a surprise, and I still don’t know who put it there. I just decided it was good to represent the country I’m working in, so I left it there.”

2. “I rescued him from a dumpster behind the theatre a few days after the CNE. I went last year and didn’t win anything nearly that big. I thought it was very sad to see him there, so I took him in.”

Visit Eyeweekly.com to check out what else is in Daniel’s dressing room.

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