March 22, 2008

JB in London–The Fans’ Perspective

March 22nd, 2008

The Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons UK Enthusiasts and Historical Society has a terrific website dedicated to the group.

The UK fans have spoken! Here’s a preview of the fans’ verdict:

One of the key requirements of this show is the timing of delivery at special moments. Ryan achieved this to perfection with ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Of You’ and ‘Fallen Angel’ squeezing every bit of emotion out of the delivery. Phil Elms again felt the same…

“His rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – following the dramatic build-up to the song no-one wanted to release – almost stopped the show. And the heart-wrenching scene telling of Francine’s demise possibly just capped the New York version. Timing and restrained angst made this a theatrical master moment, leaving – I imagine – hardly a dry eye in the house…….. But what is the single line in the script that gets the biggest audience response? It’s when the boys, seeking a new name, turn to see the illuminated wording OUR SONS corrected to FOUR SEASONS at the bowling lounge and a wide-eyed Frankie declares: “It’s a sign.” The audience just fell about, laughing and applauding wildly. The American creative team had really tapped into the British sense of humor.”

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