November 25, 2014

JBB Exclusive Interview with Daniel Robert Sullivan, New ‘Tommy DeVito’ in Jersey Boys Las Vegas!

November 25th, 2014
Daniel Robert Sullivan

Daniel Robert Sullivan

As reported earlier on JBB, Daniel Robert Sullivan, who WOW’ed audiences in JERSEY BOYS as “Tommy DeVito” in Toronto, begins playing the role in JB Las Vegas TONIGHT!

Just a couple nights ago, while attending Jeff Leibow’s and Deven May’s fantastic final performance, the JBB Tech Half & I had a wonderful surprise visit with Dan, who filled us in on his Vegas-Style ‘Jersey’ adventure.

Dan said, “It was an honor and (admittedly) a little bit of a surprise to get the call asking me about possibly coming to Las Vegas.”

When asked how the JERSEY BOYS Las Vegas opportunity was presented to him, Dan said, “I was asked to come in and meet with Des McAnuff and he said, ‘Dan, I just needed to remind myself what you were like because it’s been so many years since I saw you!’”

Dan continued, “And I said, ‘Well I saw you just a couple months ago in the bathroom at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards (where my wife was a winner again this year), but I thought it was kinda weird to approach you while we were both… you know…doing our thing, but then when I stepped outside I lost you in the crowd.’ That little story made Des laugh, and a couple days later they officially offered me the job.”

We asked Dan how he feels about his new city and what he’s planning to do in Vegas when he gets a little free time. Dan stated, “I’m thrilled. Las Vegas has always been an exciting place to visit, but now I look forward to seeing what the locals do. I drove out here, an epic drive, with my hang glider on my roof. So I’ll be flying above southern Vegas as much as possible, seeing shows, and hiking,” and added, “But for now, I’ve just been working hard in the theatre’s basement getting all the moves back in my head!”

Dan let us in on a little scoop, “Oh! And have you heard about the new line? Yes, yes, they’ve written one new sentence for Tommy DeVito, and it’s a good one!”

Welcome to JERSEY BOYS Las Vegas & break a leg TONIGHT, Dan!


  1. Congratulations Dan and welcome back to the fold! I loved your Tommy in Toronto and can’t wait to see you do your thing again in Las Vegas. Remember that last night in Toronto? That was a theater experience I’ll never forget. The energy was electric. On fire, actually. Best of luck with the new cast. You’ll knock ‘em dead for sure.

    Comment by Gary — November 29, 2014 @ 1:42 am

  2. I was at the last night in Toronto, too, and agree with Gary that it was a most memorable and amazing live theatre experience.

    I also so loved “Places, Please”, Dan’s best seller about his experience with “Jersey Boys” and have read it four times. Have heard Dan on several interview shows, and joined him on one, and his enthusiasm for JBZ and for his craft overall is indescribable.

    My only complaint with Dan is that despite his experience as a “telephone psychic” prior to JBZ, he so far has failed to give me the winning Mega Million numbers.

    Vegas is so lucky to have this wonderful actor and human being. I’m so happy for you, Dan.

    Comment by Howard — December 5, 2014 @ 1:02 am

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