January 14, 2013

JBB EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Jersey Boys Australia Cast Member Enrico Mammerella!

January 14th, 2013

Enrico Mammerella
Enrico Mammerella plays Gyp DeCarlo (and others) in the JERSEY BOYS Australia cast.

We have been having a wonderful time learning more about the JERSEY BOYS Australia cast members in our JBB EXCLUSIVE Interview series! Today, we’re thrilled to present our latest in the series, with Enrico Mammarella, who plays Gyp DeCarlo and so many other roles in the production.

Jersey Boys Blog: What attracted you to audition for Jersey Boys and tell us about your journey so far with the show?

Enrico Mammerella: My agent called! That’s got my attention. But…….when I realized the show was about The Four Seasons, I went into a serious panic. Like dating, I like an audition to be relaxed, take things cool so everyone gets comfortable and sees if there’s any mutual attraction. If there’s no magic, no problem.

However, I was desperate to be in this Jersey Boys, and just like dating, if your too keen, they don’t want to know. For me it was love at first sight. Luckily, they liked me enough, that I’m still here, three and a half years later.

JBB: Has this show been similar or different to others that you’ve done in your past?

EM: Way different. The Four Seasons had a profound affect on my childhood. I’m the only cast member in Australia, who was actually alive during their career. Their music was everywhere. The thing is, having Italian ancestry myself, this is a very personal story. In Jersey Boys, I don’t just play this story, I’ve lived a good part of it. Except for the whole powerful Mob Boss part.

JBB: Is it hard to do the Jersey dialect and had you done it before with your other roles?

EM: Nah! I was addicted to The Sopranos.

JBB: What about your favorites in JB? Your favorite line? Scene? Musical number & why are they your favorites?

EM: The book is so wonderful, that it’s impossible to have a favorite line, but….if I was to be a little biased, it’d be Gyp’s line to Frankie, “Una mano, lava l’altro. Mi capisce?” (one hand washes the other) It always pays to remember where you came from.

As for songs…..let’s just say that, I was around during the days of disco. I wrecked a few platform shoes to “Who loves you pretty baby?” and “December 1963 – Oh what a night.” I actually have them as ring tones.

JBB: Since joining the Jersey Boys Australian company, what have you learned about yourself that you didn’t know before?

EM: I got stamina. Just did my 1200th Jersey Boys performance last week. Who knew?

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  1. Enrico is a fanastic Gyp DeCarlo. I have seen the show 112 times now and he and Glaston Toft have been on every time. That must be some sort of record. I was lucky enough to meet Enrico in Auckland and he is such a nice man and a credit to the acting profession.

    Comment by Lynne — January 31, 2013 @ 10:33 pm

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