May 21, 2010

JBB EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Travis Cloer & News About His Upcoming Show!

May 21st, 2010

Travis Cloer May 23 Show

In between performing in JERSEY BOYS and rehearsing for his upcoming show on Sunday, “Travis Cloer & His Little BIG BAND,” we had a chance to catch up with Travis!

JBB: Travis, your “Setting the Standard” concert back in March was absolutely fantastic! I am still amazed at how you made such well-known classics your own—it was like hearing them for the first time! Could you give Jersey Boys Blog readers a sneak peak into your upcoming show, “Travis Cloer & His Little BIG BAND”?

TC: This upcoming show is a bit of a mix of different shows I’ve done in the past. I’ll be singing some tunes from my CD “Setting the Standard” as well as some other classics to some original material and Springsteen. I’m trying to mix things up and show fans the many different sides of my musical tastes. It’s going to be a swinging, rocking, soulful show full of incredible music!

JBB: Sounds like an amazing afternoon! Who’s in your “Little BIG BAND” and how did you guys “start your own group”?

TC: The band is made up of some of the best musicians in Las Vegas. These guys have played with JERSEY BOYS, Donnie and Marie, Barry Manilow, Bette Midler, the list goes on. They are: Keith Thomas (piano), Brian Czach (drums), Tyler Williams (bass), Dave Hart (guitar), Eric Tewalt (tenor sax), Eddie Rich (alto sax), Kevin Stout (trombone), & Glenn Colby (trumpet). I’ve played with most of these guys around Vegas at various functions including my show in March. I’m excited to get on stage with all of them this time around!

JBB: You’ll be performing songs from your CD, “Setting the Standard,” as well as other classics. I’ve always wondered about the creative process when you’re first planning your solo shows: When you are in the early planning stages, do you and the band try out a number of different songs in rehearsals—before finalizing, or do you pretty much come up with a list before the rehearsals begin?

TC: I’ve done the process differently each time. Sometimes I’ll get an idea for a song and talk to my arranger about it so we can put it on paper and take it to the band. Other times I come up with a set list of songs I’ve done before. Either way, I try to build a show that has some ups and downs and has a nice flow to it. Mainly, I like to sing songs that people like to hear but I like to present it to them in a different light. I might take a rock song and turn it into a swing tune or take big power ballad and do it with just piano or guitar. I like to keep my audiences guessing.

JBB: Tell us about the Clark County Library Theatre venue.

TC: The theatre at the Clark County Library is a great venue. It holds about 400 people and this series of concerts is presented by the Performing Arts Society of Nevada. They have all kinds of different shows there as well. There have been piano recitals there, cabarets, concerts, you name it. It is a great venue here for local entertainers to use.

JBB: At this Sunday’s show, you’ve noted that you’ll be having some “special guest singers”! We’d love to know who might be joining you on stage—or, do you want the audience to be totally surprised?

TC: OK…I’ll spill the beans. Maybe we’ll sell some tickets if I do. There are some fantastic singers here in Vegas. I’ve asked Kristen Hertzenberg who plays “Christine” in Phantom at the Venetian to sing a duet with me. We’ll be singing a beautiful song made popular by Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli, then by Charlotte Church & Josh Groban titled “The Prayer.” And yes…I’ll be singing in Italian!

JBB: Singing in Italian? Wow! I’m intrigued!

What else is on your summer schedule, Travis? Any new projects, recordings, or performances, in addition to JERSEY BOYS?

TC: Right now my schedule is full with JERSEY BOYS and I’m so thankful for that. I’ll be working on a new album of original material with my friend Erich Bergen. I’ll also be singing in a benefit called “Ribbon of Life” at the Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday June 13, 2010 at 1pm. It is sponsored by Golden Rainbow with is an organizations that provides housing and direct financial assistance to men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in Southern Nevada. Tickets for that can be purchased through .

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