May 23, 2009

Jeff Madden’s National Post Diaries

May 23rd, 2009

Earlier in the month, Jeff Madden wrote five diaries for the National Post newspaper. He posted them in his Taking The Wheel Blog. Here’s a preview:


Last night was a great show. Everybody was connected, the pacing was crisp, and the crowd was awesome. JERSEY BOYS plays great to a subdued and quiet crowd, but when a energetic, near-capacity crowd is digging it, laughing loudly, cheering wildly and going with us on the ride, it’s an unbelievable feeling.

It’s funny, though, sometimes ‘you never can tell’ (props to Mr. Shaw). Before the show, I wasn’t feeling confident about how it might go for me personally. I hadn’t had much sleep, and rushed my preparations before the curtain. Playing ‘Frankie Valli’ is an incredibly demanding role vocally, both singing and speaking. And then there’s the splits.

But, I nailed it last night. One of my best shows ever. The crazy falsetto stuff flew out of my mouth like I was ordering dinner. The chesty rocking stuff was strong and clear. I was emotionally connected every moment.

I tell you, there’s nothing like it, when you know you’re doing your best work.

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