May 21, 2013

@JeffMadden Shares His Top 5 Jersey Boys’ Moments…

May 21st, 2013

Jeff Madden

After nearly four years, JERSEY BOYS Australia will be ending its run in about six weeks. Jeff Madden, who currently plays Frankie Valli in the JB Oz company, is reflecting on his many years with the show on his Taking the Wheel blog.

In his “Jersey Boys Top 5′s: 5 Moments That Make My Heart Soar” post, Jeff shares some amazing memories. Here’s a preview below:

4. Singing “Who Loves You”.
This is the final song in the show, and as such, it marks the end of an incredibly emotional journey, both for the audience and for me. It’s also the end of two and a half hours of hard work. So, when you combine the two together, I’m spent. As exhausted as I may be, it’s absolutely thrilling to sing this song. It’s high and hard to sing, sure, but seeing each of the guys come down to join me at the mic fills me with energy. The Four Seasons family is back together for one last hit song. It’s magic.

I get more energized when the rest of the cast run onstage, take their places, and join in with their incredible voices. I remember feeling pure elation the first time I saw this moment as an audience member. And while singing this song, I can see the elation in the eyes of the people sitting in the first couple rows. The song builds to its climax, we grab our mics and come right down on the lip of the stage. The four of us share a meaningful final look and acknowledge all we’ve been through. We’re survivors. And, like that famous song goes, we did it our way.

Then, finally, we sing one last crazy highnote-filled chord, we hit our final pose, the band nails their thrilling button. The lights snap to black… the crowd goes absolutely nuts… and in that moment… BOOM! Goosebumps.

Click HERE to read the rest of this marvelous post.

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