January 28, 2012

Jersey Boys 2nd Natl Tour Four Seasons Getting to Know Dayton & Each Other!

January 28th, 2012


Terry Morris notes that the performers who play The Four Seasons have been getting to know Dayton since the second national tour of the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys” set up camp at the Schuster Center. It continues there for 24 performances through Feb. 5. At the same time, they’re getting to know each other as castmates. Check out a sneak peek of this feature:

“I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Oregon District,” said Colby Foytik, who plays Tommy DeVito.

Brandon Andrus, who plays Nick Massi, has been to the U. S. Air Force Museum, where “a lady recognized me from the show.”

Brad Weinstock, who plays Four Seasons frontman Frankie Valli, has been “pretty much a monk,” because resting his voice after projecting in a falsetto several nights a week requires down time. “I have gotten out for movie night and bowling night.”

Jason Kappus, who is Bob Gaudio in the show, said, “Sometimes it’s just nice to be in a town with a Walmart.”

The four, who sat down for coffee Wednesday morning, Jan. 25, at the downtown Boston Stoker, are also still getting to know one another less than two months into their tour across the country.

Visit DaytonDailyNews.com to read the full feature on the actors.

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