November 17, 2010

Vegas Jersey Boys Are Cover Boys in ‘What’s On’ Magazine & Time to Meet the Jersey Girls!

November 17th, 2010

JB Vegas

Although the JERSEY BOYS Vegas Four Seasons are on the cover of the current “What’s On” magazine, reporter Megan Riggs has a fabulous feature on the guys’ castmates–the Jersey Girls–Nikka Wahl, Mackenzie Bell, and Jamie Karen, who play nearly 50 roles at each show. Here’s a preview:

Nikka Wahl: With the Vegas cast since December 2009, Wahl plays 16 characters, including Valli’s daughter Francine.

What’s On: Who is your favorite character that you play?

Nikka: Out of the characters that I play, since Francine has only one scene with her father, I tend to go for the more comedic side, so my favorite is Nick’s date when I go to the church and get to act like a floozy. I do enjoy that.

Mackenzie Bell: With the Vegas cast since August, having previously been part of the Chicago company, Bell plays 17 characters, including Valli’s girlfriend Lorraine.

What’s On: What’s your favorite costume?

Mackenzie: My favorite costume in the show is my breakup scene with Frankie as Lorraine and it’s just this beautiful, handmade, hand-fitted to me, this beautiful cowl neck navy dress and it’s so classy, and I feel so in character when I put it on. And it makes me have curves [Laughs].

Jamie Karen: With the show for six months, Karen plays 14 characters, including Valli’s wife Mary Delgado, a role she also played for a year on the national tour of Jersey Boys.

WO: What’s your toughest costume change?

Jamie: The most daunting is the change from an Angel into the Mary family scene. I actually get undressed in the backseat of the car during the scene. The Bob Gaudio character unzips me, I take off my shoes, my gloves, I stick them in my shoes, I go flying off stage and I have 10 seconds to get back onstage in a robe, wig. [It’s a totally] new character, but it works every night.

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