September 26, 2007

Jersey Boys Brings Recognition to The Four Seasons!

September 26th, 2007

Kyle Lawson of The Arizona Republic recently checked in with original Four Seasons member Bob Gaudio, JB writer Rick Elice, and Rick Faugno, one of the actors who plays Frankie Valli for their thoughts on the lives and times of the Four Seasons. Here’s a preview of the interview:

Q: Does Jersey Boys get the story right?

Gaudio: I would have to say it does, more than I care to admit. I won’t say there aren’t juxtapositions or some personal things left out, but it’s close. Sometimes, when I watch the show, I say to myself, “Did it really happen that way?” The short answer is “Yes.”

Elice: If there was a problem, it was that there was a surfeit of good material. After talking to the guys, we had probably a thousand disparate anecdotes. The trick was to devise a coherent story line.

Not to be falsely modest, but the secret of our success lies in the fact the music was familiar but the story was not. The Four Seasons didn’t have that glamour quotient, the exotic accents or the long haircuts. Other groups were written about excessively; the Seasons were written off as blue-collar, Roman Catholic high-school dropouts. Well, the media back then missed a good story, a great American tale of success and the costs of success.

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