May 24, 2006

Jersey Boys’ Interview

May 24th, 2006

Because Jersey Boys has become such a huge hit, it’s easy to forget that the show arrived on Broadway last fall with no advance sale, little hype and plenty of doubters who expected yet another cookie-cutter “jukebox musical.” reporter Kathy Henderson talks to J. Robert Spencer (known as Bobby), Daniel Reichard, Christian Hoff, and John Lloyd Young about their on-stage chemistry and how it feels to be treated like rock stars eight times a week.

Here’s a sample of what the guys had to say:

Let’s talk about the Tony Awards first. I’m sure you wish that all four of you could be honored.

Bobby: We feel like we are. [John and Christian] got nominated, but the show did too.

John: And the only reason all four of us didn’t get nominated is there aren’t enough nominee slots.

Christian: There are many people who deserve a category at the Tonys, like Ron Melrose, our music director and conductor.

John: There used to be a category for that, but it was boring to TV audiences. The outside world doesn’t understand the importance of a music director, but we do because ours put the four of us, who have a perfect blend, together without ever having us in the same room. He’s a genius.

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  1. probably one of the best interviews i’ve read for any cast! this may be my absolute favorite! i LOVE their chemistry together in this article and i was so thankful it was long. i wish i could see or hear this because of how adorable it is. oh well…

    Comment by Lauren — June 18, 2007 @ 12:07 pm

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