April 11, 2015

Jersey Boys Delights Audiences In Durham!

April 11th, 2015

Check out snapshots of Durham critics’ rave reviews of the JB tour in Durham (playing through tomorrow at DPAC):

HeraldSun.com: The musical really does have it all – songs we know and love already, an interesting story and a quick pace to the show. You won’t look at your watch during this one. It moves fast, and at the end leaves you happy not just because it was a great performance, but also because it used theater to share the human experience. Even millionaires have troubles. Even celebrities argue amongst each other. Even a blue-collar kid from Jersey can become a star.

TriangleArtsandEntertainment.org: Fortunately, the four main actors prove more than capable of handling these character roles. Milanes has the perfect voice to play Valli, as well as the perfect measure of boyish charm. Keith Hines is bitterly funny and likeable as Nick Massi, and Drew Seeley subtly portrays the seething genius of Bob Gaudio. The real standout here, however, is Matthew Dailey’s portray of Tommy. Tommy could, by some, be termed the villain of the show, but this story and the characters are so well-rounded that there really aren’t any villains here…just believable young boys with different temperaments and demons trying to deal with their new-found fame. Dailey’s version of Tommy proves a deep understanding of the script’s complexity. With a cocky swagger and a mastery of the Jersey accent, Dailey brings to life a Tommy that, in spite of his many, many flaws, is loveable…in a smarmy kind of way. He provides some of the show’s most comic and genuinely entertaining moments.

Of course, there’s no shortage of entertaining moments here. Sergio Trujillo’s bubbly and 60s-authentic choreography, Jess Goldstein’s glitzy costume design, and the smash-hit soundtrack full of classic-but-still-catchy songs all work together to ensure Jersey Boys is nothing short of a hit. This inspiring and heartwarming story will enthrall everyone, regardless of their background knowledge (or lack thereof) of the band because, at the end of the day, this isn’t a story about a band, but a story about boys who become brothers.

BroadwayWorld.com: Jersey Boys is very invently staged by Des McAnuff with some slick choreography by Sergio Trujillo. With a full sound system that includes about 120 speakers, it’s thanks to sound designer Steve Canyon Kennedy that you really feel the rush like a rolling ball of thunder during the musical sequences. What’s also there to offer are about 69 moving lights brilliantly executed by Tony-Winning lighting designer Howell Binkley; and a total of 196 costumes consisting of some vintage suits, ties, and dresses designed by Jess Goldstein.

With a very talented cast of about 19 actors and 10 musicians, as well as so many hits of the era, Jersey Boys will not only keep you tapping in your seats all night long, but the story will also keep you very engaged from start to finish!

Triangleartsandentertainment.org: This foursome of actors in the current tour of Jersey Boys interacted with incredible authenticity, whether they were onstage performing or having a heated argument. All four men were amazing singers; and when they performed together in the play, their harmonies, perfectly in-sync dance moves, and overall group chemistry combined to create an explosive performance of the classic hit songs. Through several numbers, audience members clapped along; and throughout the entire show, their toes never stopped tapping.

Several people cried out with enthusiastic “woo!’s” when the band struck up their favorite songs, particularly in “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like A Man.” The band sounded very tight; and the production had no pit orchestra, but rather just various instruments playing either on or offstage, depending on the scene.

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