January 26, 2012

Jersey Boys in Ft. Lauderdale Offers a Glimpse Into the Lives of Pop Stars

January 26th, 2012

Veda Jo Jenkins provides a terrific recap of the JERSEY BOYS first national tour production in Ft. Lauderdale and notes that the show takes you behind the scenes into the lives of legendary pop stars. Below is a preview:

Since I mostly review live concerts I’ve often wondered if the passion and happiness we see on the stage from performers continues off stage. We, the audience, assume this life of fame and money leads to a trouble-free, easy-going life, but at what price? Truth is, any career we choose to pursue affects all areas of our life and these are the sacrifices we make for the choices we’ve made. So what really happens once the band leaves the stage?

The musical Jersey Boys now playing at the Broward Center gives you that insight. Watching the cast reenact situations that occurred in the lives of Valli, Tommy Devito, Nick Massi and Bob Gaudio — the original members of the Four Seasons — you can’t help but be drawn into the drama. Seeing it unfurl on stage makes it seem so much more personal than just reading about it. I was so taken in I shed a tear for Valli when he lost his daughter, but I don’t want to give any more away. This is a musical you just need to see especially if you plan to see him in concert in March.

I guarantee if you see Jersey Boys and then Frankie Valli in concert you will feel a personal bond with the man and admire his determination and ambition over all these years. The only thing the musical doesn’t tell me is how Valli feels today, at the age of 77, singing these songs that are full of emotions and memories.

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