May 11, 2013

Jersey Boys Is a Smooth & Compelling Piece of Theater at Shea’s

May 11th, 2013

Check out a sneak peek of Ben Siegel’s JERSEY BOYS review in the Buffalo News:

The decision to keep this glorious music native to its roots is the smartest thing the show does. It allows the story to steer the dramatic narrative arc, which is what Valli and his brothers – not to mention a tiring, pervasive theatrical genre – deserve. The amount of musical numbers is impressive, yet this still feels like a play with songs and not a musical with dialogue.

The result is an efficient, smooth, compelling piece of theater, with one of the finest pop scores around, regardless of origin. Director Des McAnuff, who also helmed “The Who’s Tommy” to Broadway in the 1990s with a similar perpetual motion, keeps this show flying at all times. Our anticipation of rags-to-riches clichés aren’t ignored, but acknowledged before moving onto the scene at hand.

Click HERE to read the full review.

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