October 26, 2011

Jersey Boys is Brilliant at Bushnell!

October 26th, 2011

In his rave review of the return of the JB national tour to the Busnell, Andrew Beck states, “Yes, they’ve been working their way back to you (and to the rest of us in greater Hartford) and they’ve never been better.” Check out a preview of his fantastic review:

Bwarie is an energetic performer who handles Valli’s lead vocals and trademark falsetto with memorable skill and ease. Boyd, Lomenda and Gardiner deliver quality harmonies with a deep, rich sound. McAnuff and Trujillo never repeat themselves in staging each song, so that every number remains fresh and original. And as the music keeps pouring off from the stage, a genuine thrill passes through an audience excited to reconnect with yet another familiar hit from their pop music past.

Visit Examiner.com to read the full review.

“Jersey Boys” is that rare compilation musical that accomplishes more than just parading out a progression of familiar and much-loved hits for the audience’s edification. Instead, it presents a very real, human story that allows us to glimpse some of the behind-the-scenes drama that shaped the group and its members. As a result, we get some idea of the excitement of creativity, the challenges of hit-making, the personal toll of constant touring, the sacrifices artists must sometimes make, and the vagaries of success and proximity of failure. But most of all, we get some terrific music, made all that more meaningful because of our greater understanding of the personal relationships, jealousies and promises out of which it grew.

Visit TheExaminer.com to read the full review.

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