July 18, 2014

Jersey Boys Is Sensational in San Jose!

July 18th, 2014

Rave reviews for the JERSEY BOYS national tour production that is playing in San Jose through July 20th! Check out snapshots from reviews below:

Karen D’Souza, MercuryNews.com: D’Souza states that JERSEY BOYS is the best jukebox musical ever!

Who loves you pretty baby? When it comes to the Broadway smash “Jersey Boys,” the answer is pretty much everybody.

More than 20 million people have doo-wopped their hearts out at the Des McAnuff-directed jukebox masterpiece which combines the greatest hits of the Four Seasons with a irresistible triple shot of energy, chutzpah and nostalgia.

Artsalot: Every now and then I’m genuinely surprised that I enjoy a show as much as the 20 million people to see it before me. This is a prime example. 4 out of 5 jewels in the review tiara for a masterfully staged, fun, informative, insight into the lives of an extremely influential part of Rock and Roll history. A really pleasant way to spend 2 1/2 hours and to experience some serious art.

Linda Hodges & Nick Hodges, BroadwayWorld.com: Linda: But the bright white and gold lights really made you feel like you were at a rock concert! The audience loved it and you could see people moving in their seats.

Nick: I personally enjoyed the character arc of Frankie Valli, played spectacularly by Hayden Milanes. Starting with his adolescent awe of Tommy DeVito (Nicolas Dromard), Frankie grows up and finally stands up to Tommy during the captivating scene where he demands that Tommy “Sit down!” I loved the take-charge attitude and his willingness to become the new leader of the group.

Linda: Book writers Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice did a fantastic job of defining the characters and giving each of them a distinctive voice – almost as distinct as the actual four seasons!

Nick: Ha-ha.

Linda: Quinn Vanantwerp was great as the gentle and virginal Bob Gaudio who was the songwriting mastermind of the quartet. Vanantwerp has played the Gaudio role in four productions of the show over five years. It’s as if he’s channeling him. But not to be outdone was Adam Zelasko as Nick Massi. Boy, was he funny. It was great getting to talk to him after the show and to hear that he got to be in the movie version of Jersey Boys. It was as an extra at the end of movie, so watch for him. He’s got some great hair – and said that’s one of his dreams is to own a hair salon in Los Angeles. Very cool.

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