October 7, 2009

Jersey Boys Is Solid Gold in DC!

October 7th, 2009

Jersey Boys LogoOn the applause meter, critic John F. Glass of Dramaurge.com gives JERSEY BOYS in DC a “Highly Recommended, 4 hands”!

Glass states that the award-winning show is effective on many levels – as a comedy, musical performance, dance, light show, and celebration of the human spirit – Jersey Boys is supremely entertaining.

Jersey Boys feels like a rock opera with a Rashomon-like take sans dead body – a story line told from four perspectives, those of the original group: Tommy DeVito (Matt Bailey), Bob Gaudio (Josh Franklin), Nick Massi (Steve Gouveia), and Frankie Valli (Joseph Leo Bwarie). There are plenty of bumps on the way – one tragic – but mainly the show’s upbeat.

The well cast Mr. Bwarie is in fine falsetto form as Frankie Valli, displaying the vocal range required by the role. He possesses a driven look – he’s hungry to get out – and vulnerability required for a front man. Likewise compelling is Mr. Bailey, a brash, trash-talking Tommy DeVito who’s skimming from the group’s assets – financial and musical. Mr. Franklin plays an intellectual musician and composer as Bob Gaudio, neither comfortable in the spotlight nor at home in the `hood. He’s in good voice and convincingly serves as the missing piece of the puzzle. Odd man out is Nick Massi, who’s portrayed with a hangdog look and wit by Mr. Gouveia, reminding us that even with the Beatles there had to be a Ringo.

But it’s the music that will grab you, as it did this lively opening night crowd, with its thumping backbeat, Gaudio-Crewe version of the “wall of sound,” grass roots lyrics, and ramped-up intensity which led to a number of showstoppers including,”Walk Like a Man,” and “Dawn, and “My Eyes Adored You.”

Read the full fantastic review on Dramaurge.com.

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