October 25, 2014

Jersey Boys Is Spectacular in San Diego!

October 25th, 2014

Critics & audience members are adoring the return of JERSEY BOYS in San Diego. Check out snapshots from the rave reviews all over town below:

Examiner.com: 5 Stars! In this current production Milanes gives us an unbelievably outstanding performance as his character matures right in front of our eyes and his strong falsetto voice is one for the books. Because it puts so much strain on the vocalist, Shaun Taylor-Corbbett will step in for a few performances.

Nicolas Dromard (Mr. tough guy) plays Tommy DeVito the troublemaker who puts the group in a tough situation after racking up over a million dollars in debt, for which Valli pledged to pay back and did!

Keith Hines is Nick Massi the easy going of the group who suddenly decides to leave just because he said it and didn’t want to go back on his word.

Drew Seeley is Bob Gaudio brought into the group by none other than Joe Pesci another New Jersey native and friend of Valli’s. When Gaudio came into the group he literally pulled them out of the doldrums with his songs, “Sherry”, “Walk Like A Man”, “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”. His specialty was at the keyboards.

For this reviewer, four times including the one in Vegas is a track record and I will see it again when it returns.

SDGLN.com: You won’t be disappointed. Hayden Milanes is a spectacular Frankie, both musically and dramatically, nailing that high falsetto like it was the easiest thing in the world.

Dromard is excellent as Tommy, the bad boy who started the group but also ran it into serious debt and even spent some time in the local hoosegow.

Keith Hines is solid as Nick Massi, the tall bass/bass guitarist who unexpectedly tired of life on the road and quit the group in 1965.

Drew Seeley’s Gaudio comes across as the real sine qua non of this group, whose talent as a songwriter and head for business gave The Four Seasons the jump on their competitors.

I’ve seen this show several times and every time, the audience has been – well, enthusiastic is a gross understatement. There’s a good reason for that. This is one terrific show.

UTSanDiego.com: And yet by the time the show wraps in ebullient fashion with an all-ensemble take on the ‘70s hit “Who Loves You?,” the warm embrace of this lovable-underdog saga makes “Jersey Boys” suddenly feel like summer all the way.

SanDiegoStory.com: With the cast and crew firing on all cylinders, Jersey Boys still remains an unforgettable chronicle of a couple of legends from The Garden State. “Oh, What a Night” you will have in late October 2014!

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