March 3, 2009

Jersey Boys Joseph Leo Bwarie and Josh Franklin Suprise a Fan!

March 3rd, 2009

Those JERSEY BOYS in Rochester are just too good to be true! Visit to watch a wonderful segment about a Fairport woman who was surprised by JB national tour members Joseph Leo Bwarie and Josh Franklin!

It’s not easy pulling off surprises sometimes, but we are a determined bunch. At 1p.m. on Tuesday “Jersey Boys” actors Joseph Leo Bwarie, who plays Frankie Valli and Josh Franklin, who plays Bob Gaudio and News 10NBC’s Janet Lomax gathered in the lobby of the Fairport Baptist Home plotting out how to surprise 88-year-old Carmella Scorza. Scorza is a patient at the home.

Once off the elevator it was only a few more steps before Scorza got the surprise of her life. She knew something was up since someone did her hair and she was surrounded by family members. Then finally the moment of surprise arrives.

”This is my surprise?!” Scorza exclaims. “Oh I wanted to see you boys so badly.”

The actors presented her with a “Jersey Boys” poster and beautiful book about the famous singing group.

Scorza had planned to go see “Jersey Boys.” But two months ago she became ill and moved to the Fairport Baptist Home. It was Scorza’s nurse, Jan Larsen Fendt, who played fairy godmother. She told News 10NBC about Scorza in an email, which we passed on to the folks at the Rochester Broadway Theatre League and Fendt said she received a reply in 24 hours.

But when it comes to moments like these it’s hard sometimes to tell who is thrilled the most.

Joseph Bwarie said, “This is what we love to do this is better than being on stage. Yeah, this is better than being on stage.”

Josh Franklin said, “To hear from somebody we can go visit them personally and see the positive effect we have on peoples lives that’s what it’s about.”

Scorza said she’d still love to see the show but, “Who has the “Jersey Boys” come to their home, who has the “Jersey Boys.” Thank you all. I thank all of you!” She said.


  1. How wonderful of the “Boys” to do that for this person. Just goes to show everyone how thoughtful they are and why they are so successful.

    Comment by Lenora Antunes — March 4, 2009 @ 5:06 pm

  2. So sorry I missed reading this a few days ago. My mom’s whole family grew up in Fairport and some still live there — what a wonderful story. Having met Joe in Texas last February, this story doesn’t come as a shock. Once again the Jersey Boys out do themselves with their kind and open hearts. Class act gentlemen, I tell ya, one of a kind (Ok, maybe 5 or 6 casts of a kind, but that’s still hard to find these days!).

    Comment by Courtney — March 6, 2009 @ 5:44 pm

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