August 25, 2010

Jersey Boys London Rocks Reporter’s World at Show #1000!

August 25th, 2010

Christopher Gray of The Oxford Times had a phenomenal time at JERSEY BOYS London’s 100th show. Here’s a preview to his fabulous review:

Oh, what a night! — or rather afternoon, since this is when I saw The Jersey Boys at a Sunday matinee at which was celebrated this marvellous musical’s 1,000th performance.

A big hit already then? Yes, and deservedly so.

This is not a show in the Mamma Mia! mode, which recycles an impressive back catalogue of songs into a story with absolutely no link with the musicians.

Instead we are offered, as in Buddy — perhaps its only rival, in my view — a compelling account of the creative impulses that resulted in the hits. In short, the story of the band.

As portrayed by Stephen Ashfield, Gaudio emerges as the chief creative strength of the band, responsible with lyricist Bob Crewe (Simon Adkins) for a series of great songs that have stood the test of time. These included Rag Doll, Let’s Hang On, Walk Like a Man, Who Loves You? and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, all of which are impeccably performed here.

Crucial to the winning sound, of course, was the astonishing voice, complete with powerful soaring falsetto, of lead singer Frankie Valli. Anyone convinced that “no one sounds like Valli” had better head for the Prince Edward Theatre and allow the brilliant Ryan Molloy to disabuse them of the theory.

Visit The Oxford Times website for Gray’s full review.

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