October 28, 2014

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Plays Fresno 10/28-11/2; Sneak Peek of @HaydenMilanes Interview in Fresno Bee!

October 28th, 2014

JERSEY BOYS national tour is playing at the Saroyan Theatre in Fresno tonight through Sunday 11/2/14.

Reporter Donald Munro recently interviewed Hayden Milanes, who reflects on playing the role of Frankie Valli. Below is a preview:

How long did it take for Milanes to get comfortable in the role?

“I’m still getting comfortable, man,” he says. “It’s a very human show. Everything is stripped down, and you’re completely vulnerable out there.”

He’s speaking by phone from Los Angeles, although it takes him a few moments to remember what city he’s in — the mark of a true national-tour performer.

Milanes has had a lot of time to contemplate the success of “Jersey Boys,” which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month. “Why is it after 10 years this epic show still has the pulse as strong as a marathon runner who just finished a 10-mile run?” he asks.

The answer to why it’s such a big hit has evolved over time, he says.

Certainly the music — such beloved tunes as “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “My Eyes Adored You” and “Working My Way Back to You” — brings the audience through the doors, or at least it did when the show first opened on Broadway. But the story behind the music is what keeps people coming back.

“The story leads to a kind of transparency to the dark side of success,” he says. “You see these famous rock stars in the most fragile human moments in their life. You can relate to these them on a human level.”

Click HERE to read the entire feature.

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