September 30, 2015

Jersey Boys Natl Tour Rocks on Return to Pittsburgh!

September 30th, 2015

The JERSEY BOYS national tour is receiving rave reviews on its third return to Pittsburgh at the Benedum Center. Check out excerpts below: It all starts with Tommy, and the band he formed earlier struggling to make a name themselves. Through the years, the group has gone through several name changes. Then Tommy convinces Frankie Valli to join his group due to his unique sound. Aaron De Jesus who plays Frankie Valli was spot on. You actually thought that you are watching the real Frankie Valli perform live on stage – giving me goose bumps as he belts out the songs. Once Bob Gaudio, played by Drew Seeley, joined the group and added his talent as singer/songwriter – the hits we know started rolling in. Believe me, the drama that encompassed this group gave him plenty of material to write songs! But like any friendship / partnership, the Four Seasons had their share of triumph and defeat as they battled their personal demons. It’s funny how things really do come full circle. The PNC Broadway in Pittsburgh touring production at the Benedum Center, its third stop in town, celebrates the group’s chart-topping and infectious music in a way that crosses generations. Raucous yet respectful to its story, this show is packed with exquisite harmonies and peppered with colorful and rough Jersey language straight out of “The Sopranos.”

“Jersey Boys” parallels the roller-coaster ride that was The Four Seasons’ career: from struggling for gigs and record deals (along with a little jail time for some members), to a string of hit records and the rise from rags to riches, and then the deep dip into financial and personal tensions that divided them. It’s a classic music biz story with real-life twists, complete with superstar talent and mobster ruffians. But take all that away, and the show could stand on its music alone. As the Valli character puts it, “When everything dropped away and all there was was the music, that was the best.”

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