May 25, 2007

Jersey Boys’ New SF Cast Continues To Rock The Crowd!

May 25th, 2007

Karen D’Souza of the San Jose Mercury News tells readers that the new SF Jersey Boys cast stays true to the hit parade!

D’Souza notes that the high-voltage hit has been electrifying audiences at San Francisco’s Curran Theatre since December and shows no signs of running out of juice even though a new cast has moved in. This bunch of boys may not have the same mind-blowing charisma as their hottie predecessors (who now are launching the national tour in Los Angeles), but the show still sends out more sparks than a fireworks display.

The energetic new stars may be working overtime to win us over, but it’s the unstoppable pantheon of hit songs that truly drives this show. The hard-charging score charts the band’s journey from doo-wop to disco as the Seasons, four blue-collar boys from New Jersey, come of age.

From the start, director Des McAnuff builds anticipation masterfully, making us wait for the numbers we really long to hear and giving the melodies that extra kick when the notes to “Sherry” finally do break.

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  1. Great review, but I’d have to disagree about the “charisma” part….. After meeting and chatting with the “Four Seasons” before their performances in front of the Curran Theatre, congratulating them after the shows at the stage door and most importantly watching them work on stage, they’re on par with the National Tour I. They may look different, but their personalities, sense of humor and talent really shine. It’s a treat for us to have the play extended to the end of Sept. (Actually, the Tour I “Nick”, Michael Ingersoll will switch places with Steve Gouveia and rejoin the Curran cast in August before heading to Chicago…..)

    I really love their “We’re off to see the wizard” exit after the show….. Four guys with (four different and interesting) life stories to tell and loads of music to share with the generations to come…..

    Comment by Mike B. Magbaleta — May 29, 2007 @ 5:05 pm

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