January 1, 2009

Jersey Boys’ New Year’s Resolutions

January 1st, 2009

What are Jersey Boys cast members pledging to do in 2009?

Here’s what Jarrod Spector and Dominic Nolfi told Broadway.com:
Jarrod Spector: In 2008, Jarrod became only the third actor to play Frankie Valli, the charismatic lead singer of the Four Seasons, in Jersey Boys on Broadway.
Jarrod’s Resolution for 2009: “To commit to shrinking my carbon footprint in all the ways I didn’t even know I could. I was at the Broadway Goes Green event recently and realized that while I’d like to consider myself environmentally conscious, there is an endless list of simple things that I’m not doing that can help—even if it’s just a little.”

Dominic Nolfi: In 2008, Dominic assumed the role of Tommy DeVito, tough-guy founding member of the Four Seasons, in the hit Broadway musical Jersey Boys.
Dominic’s Resolution for 2009: “To do more cooking! You can only eat so much Chinese.”

What about the Vegas Jersey Boys’ 2009 resolutions? Check out what Rick Faugno, Jeff Leibow, and Deven May told Vegas.com!

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  1. I saw Jarrod Spector in San Francisco in September 07 and the show was amazing. It inspired me to quit my job and move to San Francisco where I now live and am working towwards my own goals of superstardom ;) . I MUST SAY that Jarrod Spector YOU ARE the best of the Frankie Vallis. You have more of a likeness to Frankie Valli and as far as your voice is concerned, you transition between registers so smoothly and have a beautiful smooth tone. You’re amazing! So lucky I had the privilege of seeing you perform.

    Comment by Devon — February 11, 2009 @ 4:45 am

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