January 10, 2014

Jersey Boys ROCKS Richmond!

January 10th, 2014

JB National Tour Four Seasons: Adam Zelasko, Hayden Milanes, Jason Kappus, & Nicolas Dromard (Photo Credit: Joan Marcus)

Fantastic reviews for the JERSEY BOYS national tour in Richmond (through 1/19/14) at the Landmark Theater! Check out some snapshots of review below.

Jennifer Turner, Examiner.com: “Jersey Boys” is a visually stunning, smile-inducing, good time romp! The award-winning musical, currently at the Landmark Theater as part of their Broadway in Richmond series, is a definite must-see.

The entire cast was outstanding, but it needs to be said that Hayden Milanes, who plays Frankie Valli, gave a mind-blowing performance. My mother, who was my guest for the evening, marveled saying, “I can’t believe it – it’s just like watching Frankie Valli!” Mom was a Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons fan back in her youth and it was obvious from watching her expressions that this show transported her back in time.

Tony Farrell, Times Dispatch.com: But even from the boys’ multiple perspectives, “Jersey Boys” never loses sight of the group’s platinum-grade optimism or reluctance to brood. As the group loses momentum and career turnabouts loom (actor Joe Pesci even figures into their history), the Four Seasons face the future like the great American showmen they are: with chins out, shoulders back, and one foot always forward.
And why shouldn’t they? Through winter, spring, summer and fall, their songs have stuck to our ribs for more than 50 years. Thanks to “Jersey Boys,” the Four Seasons are alive and well, and haven’t changed at all.

Ann M. Efimetz, TidewaterReview.com: I was particularly mesmerized by Milanes’ portrayal of the legend. He played Valli with honesty and with a charm that immediately pulls you in. As soon as Milanes opened his mouth to sing and that definitive sound filled Landmark Theatre, I was hooked.

But the road to the top wasn’t always sunny for these guys. There was infighting, money mismanagement and tragic loss resulting from the price of fame. As the play unfolds, each character gives his take on the journey, making it a truly compelling inside look at what sacrifices were made along the way. Each of the actors is brilliant, believably creating these real men through their insightful performances.

I enjoyed the work of the entire cast, many of whom appeared as several characters. Some standouts were Barry Anderson, Marlana Dunn, Ian Joseph and Thomas Fiscella. Each and every actor and member of the production team deserves kudos for their work.

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  1. Just attended the Richmond Show. This ROCKS.Great trip to my youth. cast was fantastic. Hayden Milanes did Frankie true justice. This show is worth seeing more then once.

    Comment by Dennis — January 11, 2014 @ 5:33 pm

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