May 7, 2011

National Tour Jersey Girls Featured in!

May 7th, 2011

The JERSEY BOYS national tour production heads back to St. Louis at the Fabulous Fox Theatre next week, playing from May 11-29. Cynthia M. Ellis of has a fun interview with two of the three Jersey Girls, Alayna Gallo and Denise Payne, who play multiple parts in the hit show. Here’s a preview:

The Broadway award-winning hit may feature four men, but it also stars three leading ladies. The “Jersey Girls” who play the show’s 54 female characters are a true force on stage.

“We each play a main character, as well as between 15 and 19 minor ones,” said Denise Payne, who plays the role of Frankie Valli’s daughter, Francine, as well as his mother and an “Angel.”

“I don’t actually think the audience realizes we’re the same three girls, continually running in and out of the scenes,” Payne said.

One change is so quick, the girls have 15 seconds to undress, redress and get back on stage.

“It’s a great workout,” Alayna Gallo said.

Gallo said she changes 17 times, which includes nine wig changes throughout the show. Her main character is Lorraine, a reporter who Valli was in love with, as well as minor parts.

Gallo said there are many who come to see the show because it’s the music they grew up on, but they leave knowing the story of the “Jersey Boys.”

“It’s an amazing show,” Gallo said.

“I think it’s one that they come to hear the songs they love, and they end up leaving loving the story,” she said. “The songs are just an added perk.”

Visit for the full interview!

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