August 20, 2010

KXAN Video Coverage: Go Back Stage with the JB National Tour Jersey Girls!

August 20th, 2010

Meet the amazing women who play many roles in the JERSEY BOYS national tour: Alayna Gallo, Denise Payne, and Kara Tremel!

Thursday afternoon the women gave KXAN behind-the-scenes tour, and talked about the frenetic pace of costume changes, wig switch-overs and the fun they have being part of “Jersey Boys.” According to Tremel, even their own parents don’t know them at times when they’re in character.

“Usually a lot of people don’t realize there are only three women in the show until the final number where the whole cast comes out, and everyone’s like, ‘Wait a minute – where are all the girls?’” Tremel explained.

“It’s just us!” added Payne, smiling.

When asked what it’s like to play a huge amount of characters, all three agreed they love it, but it’s the crew who helps them keep things straight and in order, lest they forget which character goes out on stage when.

“I personally love it. It keeps it fresh. You’re always playing something else,” said Tremel. You always have to be on your toes and you’re not kind of just doing the same character throughout the show. You can change it up and play around and play with your fellow actors.”

And, get this–Denise Payne mentioned that her mother reads “THE BLOG”! (Around 4:07 on the clip).

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