August 18, 2013

Life as a Swing in Jersey Boys, According to Candi Boyd & Jared Bradshaw

August 18th, 2013

Candi Boyd

New York Theatre Guide’s (NYTG) Lynne Menefee has a terrific feature interview with JERSEY BOYS swing cast members Candi Boyd & Jared Bradsahw! Check out a preview below:

NYTG: Unlike an actor who is on a “track,” you have to know all of the roles. Explain the difference between being on a track and being a swing.

CB: Being a swing is essentially knowing many people’s tracks at once and being ready to replace everything they do in a show at any given moment. A swing is kind of a show’s insurance policy. The show must go on no matter what and swings make sure that happens.

JB: The swing’s job is very hard at first. There is not a lot of room for mistakes. The lines, harmonies and choreography are difficult enough but you have to enter at the right speed, make the right mark on the stage, exit in the right wing, and change the right clothes in the right spot. It’s not just memorizing lines. Our guys in the show usually cover one or two principle roles, which is their “track.” When you see the Broadway show, you can look around and see who is the “type” who would cover “Frankie Valli” or “Bob Gaudio,” etc. It’s a matter of learning two, or six or more roles – just degrees of specificity.

Click HERE to read the entire interview with Candi & Jared.

Jared Bradshaw

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