October 30, 2013

Listen to Great WCBE Interview with @FrankieValli & Sneak Peek of Cleveland Magazine Q&A!

October 30th, 2013

It’s no exaggeration about what the Frankie Valli character says about himself in JERSEY BOYS about how he keeps going and going and going…

In addition to the big announcement today about his Facebook & Twitter accounts, Frankie Valli will be performing in back in “Old Ohio”–Saturday in Cleveland and Sunday in Columbus!

Here’s a preview of his interview in Cleveland Magazine:

Q. The Four Seasons had three straight No. 1 hits when the group released Sherry & 11 Others in 1962. How did that affect you?

A. I wasn’t sure any of it was really happening. It was incredible. People were saying we were an overnight sensation, but we had bounced around for a while. The next record we did went to No. 3. After that, I thought it was all over.

Click HERE to read the rest of the interview.

On WCBE in Columbus, Frankie has a terrific interview with Mike Foley about his career, JB, and his legacy. Click HERE to listen.

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