February 16, 2007

More from the National Tour Four Seasons

February 16th, 2007

In addition to the InsideBayArea.com article posted earlier today, Chad Jones’ Theater Dogs blog includes more of his conversation (and photos!) with the national tour Jersey Boys who are playing the iconic pop sensations, the Four Seasons.

Here’s a preview of Jones’ recent blog post:

Cue much laughter and more discussion about why Jersey Boys works so darn well. After much praise is heaped on director Des McAnuff and the creative team, Ingersoll theorizes that people are drawn in by the true story of these New Jersey guys and their rough lives, which involved prison stretches for Massi and DeVito. Later, after fame struck, life didn’t necessarily get any easier.

Regarding the show, Michael Ingersoll said,

One of the points of the show is that in life, you never reach a point where everything’s good — no matter how much success, money or fame you have. There’s always another side to the coin. Think about us. We’re on the road, away from home for a year. I’m away from my wife for a year. She visits, and this is a dream job for me. The guys would say the same thing. Nothing could be better in that way. But the fact remains I’m not seeing my wife for such a long time. There’s a price to pay. It’s never just: I’ve arrived! Everything’s great! This show thrives on showing the reality of that.

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  1. “OK. Write this: Erich Bergen is wrong. Three out of four seasons say Erich Bergen is wrong.”
    Hahahaha! That cracked me up! : ) I actually get what Mr. Bergen was saying. I think that one of the beauties of Jersey Boys is that it has an AMAZING book without being a so-called “traditional” book musical.

    Comment by Hillary — February 17, 2007 @ 4:26 am

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