April 26, 2010

Photo Coverage: Jersey Boys Las Vegas Second Anniversary & Platinum Record Presentation with Bob Gaudio & Frankie Valli!

April 26th, 2010

On Saturday evening, April 24, the JERSEY BOYS Las Vegas Company celebrated their second anniversary and treated to the audience to one of the most memorable theatrical experiences EVER to be seen in Vegas!

When we entered the Jersey Boys Theatre, there was quite the buzz in the air. Did everyone in the audience know this was a birthday celebration with two of the original Four Seasons among the special guests of the evening? Was that it? As we walked to our seats, I overheard one lady say, “This is my third time–it’s the best show on The Strip.” Another guy stated, “People keep telling me how good Jersey Boys is.” Okay, maybe not everyone was aware of the fantastic pre-show anniversary soirée, the milestone the JB Vegas Company was celebrating, or the Platinum Record presentation honoring Bob Gaudio and Frankie Valli that was two short hours away!

From the moment “Ces Soirees-La” began, the audience was having a rough time remaining still in their seats! In Jersey Boys, Nick Massi says, “Sometimes it just clicks with people.” The Vegas Jersey Boys have that kind of chemistry on stage! As I tweeted at intermission, Saturday evening: “At Jersey Boys!! Cast is on fire tonight!”

Deven May’s command on the stage from that first scene was electric, as he stated, “I’m the guy you wanna talk to, because this whole thing started with me, Tommy DeVito, Belleville, New Jersey.” The entire audience was ready to go on a Jersey Style ride! (BTW, next time you’re at JB Vegas, take note of Deven’s amazing dance moves during the Big 3!) Rick Faugno’s voice of an angel as the young, impressionable Frankie Castelluccio and his moving portrayal as the matured hitmaker, had the audience mesmerized, as he belted out the group’s big hits from the early ’60s, the show-stopping “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” and the ahh’s/wow’s and applause as he did the splits before his amazing vocals in “Beggin’”! Jeff Leibow’s portrayal of Nick Massi as the harmony genius and self-proclaimed Ringo were spot-on! The looks he gave the audience as he “remained quiet,” followed by him finally telling it like it is in the sit-down scene, were some of the most unforgettable of the evening! The newest member of this foursome–Peter Saide–fits in perfectly as “Bob Gaudio–last piece of the puzzle”–as the towering genius who knows he needs to “write for that voice”! Peter also had some stunning vocals as the band’s sound came together on “Cry For Me”! Kudos to the entire cast for their fantastic performances as well!

At the end of the performance, following the incredible screams, cheers and standing ovations, Rick Faugno called Frankie Valli and Bob Gaudio onstage. Rick immediately told the audience they could pull out their cameras–and it appeared that 1,600 audience members grabbed their cameras, smart phones, and cell phones as the superstars entered the stage to even louder cheers! As part of the anniversary celebration, Kevin Gore from Rhino Records presented the two original Seasons with a Platinum Record to commemorate the one millionth sale of the Jersey Boys Original Cast Recording! Following the applause that could be heard in Lovelock, Nevada, Frankie and Bob graciously congratulated the Vegas cast, thanked the fans for their support, and saluted the Original Broadway Cast on their amazing recording!

Congratulations to Bob Gaudio, Frankie Valli, and the Jersey Boys Vegas sensational cast, crew, and creative team and Happy Anniversary!

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