April 16, 2015

Preview of @broadwayworld Interview with Matthew Dailey (@mdailey88)!

April 16th, 2015
Matthew Dailey, Tommy DeVito in JB natl tour

Matthew Dailey, Tommy DeVito in JB natl tour

BroadwayWold.com’s Jeffrey Karasarides has a terrific Q&A with JERSEY BOYS national tour’s Tommy DeVito, Matthew Dailey! Check out the preview below:

JK: What have you been enjoying most about traveling around the country doing Jersey Boys?

MD: Other than doing the show, which is a blast to do day-in and day-out. I love traveling around, getting to see every part of the country that may not otherwise get to visit. Just last week, we played in Austin, Texas. It was a blast, the culture was great, the food was incredible, the music team was awesome, it was all great. So traveling around getting to experience parts of the country that you might not otherwise get to see.

JK: How do you keep up with performing eight times a week?

MD: You have to get a lot of rest, hydrate lots of water, not too many late nights, stay active, and just take care of my body.

JK: Prior to joining the show, how familiar were you with The Four Seasons?

MD: More familiar than I thought. The first time I saw the show, I didn’t know much about them. I knew the song Sherry and I knew Oh, What a Night and some of the bigger ones, but there’s a lot of other songs I obviously knew, I just didn’t know that they were by The Four Seasons. I think that’s kind of the consensus through most of those who see the show every night where at times they’d go ‘I didn’t know they sang this, and I didn’t know they sang that too, wow, they sang a lot’. There’s a whole page in the program dedicated to the songs that didn’t even make it into the show, there were so many songs that they did.

Click HERE to read the entire interview.

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  1. I was 13 when Sherry came out. I had all of their records, knew all of their songs! Will see JB in Minneapolis Apr. 28 & May 3! Can’t wait! You guys are the BEST! Thanks for doing such an AWESOME job.

    Comment by Cathy Morrissey — April 16, 2015 @ 12:00 pm

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