April 3, 2011

Preview of Jon Lee’s Pink Paper Interview

April 3rd, 2011

Pink Paper has a great interview with Jon Lee, the alternate Frankie Valli in JERSEY BOYS London. Here’s a preview:

Q: Are you excited about Jersey Boys?
A: I’m really excited. It’s a great show. I saw it two and a half years ago and wanted to be in it as soon as I saw it. It’s such a great production and they treat you so well here that the boys never leave! It’s only this year that some of the guys are actually leaving, so I went to an audition and got it. I’m made up.

Q: Will you be doing solos?
A: Frankie’s the lead of the Four Seasons so I think I sing about twenty songs. It’s absolutely full on and it’s all up in his falsetto register which is super duper high basically, so that’s why we share the role – myself and Ryan Molloy. To do it twice in a day is not advisable really.

Q: Were you a fan of the band before the part?
A: I didn’t realize how many songs of theirs I knew until I came and saw the show. They sold a hundred million records or something insane.

Visit PinkPaper.com to read the full interview.

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