August 21, 2015

Preview of @JosephLeoBwarie Friday Six Q&A on @BroadwayWorld!

August 21st, 2015

Joseph Leo Bwarie

Great Q&A with JB Broadway’s Frankie Valli, Joseph Leo Bwarie! Check out the preview below:

Q: What is your most unique pre-show ritual?
A: I wouldn’t call it so much a pre-show ritual, but I do like to pop into all the dressing rooms and see everyone as themselves before I see them as their characters.

Q: What is your most memorable “the show must go on” moment?
AL I was delivering a direct address in Act 2. A woman from the balcony suddenly yells “Stop! Stop the show! He’s not breathing.” I pause. BEAT. She then shouts, “Never mind… he was sleeping.” I was relieved he was alive, but was troubled that he was asleep. I proceeded to continue.

Click HERE to check out the whole Q&A with JLB!

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