October 13, 2011

Quinn VanAntwerp’s Three Years as a Jersey Boy!

October 13th, 2011

Quinn VanAntwerp Quinn VanAntwerp (Photo Credit: Jenny Anderson for Broadway.com)

Broadway.com’s Kathy Henderson has a fun interview with Quinn VanAntwerp, who made his Broadway debut as “Bob Gaudio” in JERSEY BOYS on October 11th! Check out a sneak peek of the interview:

Born to Perform: From birth, VanAntwerp has been surrounded by artistic women: His mother teaches dance, his aunt ran San Jose Rep for 20 years and another aunt, Holly Near, is a renowned folk singer. “When I was 13, Holly took me to New York,” he recalls, “and an hour before her concert, she asked if I wanted to sing backup. I ended up on stage at Studio 54 with Margaret Cho and Ani DiFranco.” Another influence was Broadway star John Raitt, whose son lived in VanAntwerp’s hometown. “I was 11 when I heard John sing for the first time, and I turned to my grandmother and said, ‘That’s what I want to do.’” In a full-circle moment, VanAntwerp returned home last summer and gave a concert costumed in one of his idol’s jackets, lent by Raitt’s daughter Bonnie.

Visit Broadway.com to read the full interview with Quinn.

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