January 12, 2013

Return of Jersey Boys Is Marvelous in Melbourne!

January 12th, 2013

Kate Herbert raves about JERSEY BOYS’ return to Melbourne. Check out the sneak peek of this awesome review in the Sunday Herald Sun:

Spring is Tommy DeVito’s season and, with a defiant swagger and a curled lip, Anthony Harkin plays the tough, ambitious, working-class boy and petty crim.

Without Tommy’s relentless drive to succeed, The Four Seasons – Tommy, Frankie (Jeff Madden), Bob (Declan Egan) and Nick (Glaston Toft) – would not exist.

Summer is Bob’s time and blond, boyish Egan, with his bright, clear vocal tone, embodies Gaudio’s youthful exuberance, intelligence, talent and charm.

Gaudio’s incomparable tunes launched the band and, with lyrics and production by Crewe – played with gleeful campery by Michael Griffiths – they were destined for No.1.

Nick Massi, Tommy’s childhood pal, is the voice of autumn.

Toft recreates Nick’s resonant, bass tones and silent quirkiness, and we learn of Nick’s extraordinary ear for harmonies.

Finally, winter is Frankie’s season, and the diminutive Madden’s vocal tone echoes Frankie’s sweet, idiosyncratic voice and characteristic falsetto.

Madden’s compelling renditions of Can’t Take My Eyes Off You, Bye Bye Baby and Fallen Angel are moving tributes to the real Frankie’s passion, loyalty and commitment.

Click HERE to read the entire awesome review!

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