March 28, 2008

Reviewer ‘Falls in Love’ with Jersey Boys!

March 28th, 2008

Tatiana Craine of the Mac Weekly can’t quit thinking about Jersey Boys after seeing the national tour in Minneapolis!

For the past three days, one word has been forever recurrent in my mind: Sherry.

Silly girl, you say. But don’t try to kid yourself. You wouldn’t be able to shield yourself against the angelic, high-toned voices always echoing in your head. You aren’t stronger than this tour-de-force. You got nothin’ on the boys from Jersey. Nada.

I won’t kid myself, either. You probably don’t know a whole lot about the Four Seasons. I want to introduce you to the four guys I met the other night. There’s Frankie- he’s got the voice of an angel and the stars in his eyes. There’s Tommy- he’s the bad boy. That’s all you need know. There’s Bobby- he’s the genius of the group, a real wiz with words. And there’s Nick- he’s the base (and bass) of the group; the rock that tries to keep them all grounded. They’re the Four Seasons, and they let me in on a few of their secrets.

Needless to say, the “Jersey Boys” cast received a standing ovation from the entire theater – the audience was all too eager to get to their feet in appreciation for the talent displayed by this production. From the set design to the costumes to the singing and acting – the audience (and I) loved the “Jersey Boys.” I even sat near a New Yorker who couldn’t help but put aside her bias against Jersey for the night so she could hoot and holler like a teenager seeing her idols.

Now that you know a little bit about them, go on – introduce yourself to these four guys. Get a little more acquainted with the Four Seasons and try not to fall in love with them. It’s impossible not to. The magic “Jersey Boys” will turn even the most skeptical theater-goer into a Four Seasons fanatic. I’ll openly admit it – if you walk by my room on any given night, you might just hear the boys from Jersey keeping me company.

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