December 20, 2007

Seattle Critic Is Dazzled By Jersey Boys!

December 20th, 2007

Virginia Zech of adores Jersey Boys! She notes that it’s a dazzling, gritty, almost painfully fun example of everything that musical theater should be. JB is the kind of production that prompts wonder at why other musicals of recent years have gone wrong.

Though the production’s opening scenes are nearly as inauspicious as the haphazard foursome itself, when the group breaks into “Sherry,” the reason behind all those Tony Awards becomes evident. From here, the script and score gather momentum in tandem. Christopher Kale Jones (as Valli) has even the most skeptical among the audience on their feet by closing curtain. The incorporation of smoking, swearing, and call girls strikes a sharp contrast to the players’ impeccable suits and melodious voices and, coupled with the tremendous scaffolded set, serves as a constant reminder of the Four Seasons’ humble origins.

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