June 17, 2014

Sneak Peek of @ebertchicago Interview with @ErichBergen & @MichaelLomenda! #JerseyBoysMovie

June 17th, 2014
Erich Bergen (Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales for Parade)

Erich Bergen (Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales for Parade)

Check out a sneak peek of Brian Tallerico’s interview with JB movie stars Erich Bergen & Michael Lomenda on RogerEbert.com:
Is there awe the first day? That’s “Clint.”

Erich Bergen: There’s never NOT awe. (Laughs.) I think he plays off and knows what people think of him. He knows that people think he’s scary, so he can joke around with that, but he’s NOT that guy. At all. He’s the most open. It was weird. The set was so calm. No one ever yelled. It was the most relaxed vibe. What were you saying about why he doesn’t call “Action” and stuff?

Michael Lomenda: He doesn’t like to say “Action” or “Cut” because he used to work on set with horses and it would spook the horses. And I think Mr. Eastwood realized that actors and horses are similar.

EB: In so many ways.

ML: We’re animals, ultimately. There were so many times when we were on set that we weren’t sure if we were filming a rehearsal or if the cameras were even rolling. And coming out of a scene…coming from Broadway, we know where a scene starts and ends but, rolling out, we’d go for three minutes. And he’d finally say, “That’s enough of that. Let’s move on.”

EB: You’d hear, “All right. That’s good.” There were times when kept acting and he had already yelled cut. It was just such a chill vibe. And what you get is this natural performance out of everyone. We watched it last night—it was only the second time I’ve seen it—and I was watching Vincent’s performance in the big sit-down scene and it was amazing watching Vincent’s face and watching him fall apart. It was so subtle and it wasn’t “performed” at all. He was “listening” to what was happening and only Clint could capture that. When he turned back to say, “That bad, Frankie, huh?,” that’s not in the script. That vibe was encouraged so much on set.

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Michael Lomenda (Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales for Parade)

Michael Lomenda (Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales for Parade)

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