July 30, 2012

Sneak Peek: Check Out Jersey Boys Las Vegas ‘Frankies’ Travis Cloer & Graham Fenton As Guest Columnists on Robin Leach’s Vegas Deluxe Blog!

July 30th, 2012

JB Vegas March 2012
Graham Fenton, Jeff Leibow, and Travis Cloer at JERSEY BOYS opening night at Paris Las Vegas

While Robin Leach takes his traditional summer vacation under the Tuscan sun in Italy, many Strip and Las Vegas personalities have stepped forward in his absence to become guest bloggers on his Vegas Deluxe blog. Today, the two men who share the “Frankie Valli” role in JERSEY BOYS at Paris Las Vegas–Travis Cloer and Graham Fenton are the guest columnists! Check out a sneak peak of the cast members’ guest post below:

Travis Cloer: In “Jersey Boys,” I’ve been able to explore so many emotional and dramatic levels, which in turn has given me the opportunity to improve myself in numerous ways. For that and more, Las Vegas will always have my gratitude. However, it wasn’t until recently, April 6 to be exact, that I learned that there was a lot more growing in store.

On a night with the biggest full moon I have ever seen, our daughter Andi was born. With all the highlights of a cliched movie (water breaking, dropping what you’re doing, running red lights), we welcomed her into this world with loving arms. Like any parent knows, it’s a moment that I will never forget. Our whole world was changed, rearranged, turned upside down, and for the first time, my beautiful wife and I realized that life was no longer just about us.

Andi is now a part of everything I do. Because of her, I get out of bed, laugh more, walk differently and love in a way I never knew one could. She’s even made me a better entertainer. She’s given me inspiration to write with more emotion, sing with more joy and find ways to be better each time I set foot onstage.

Graham Fenton: First-time visitors here are still awestruck by this neon playground. No matter how many films and photos they’ve seen of Las Vegas, they really can’t appreciate this town until they experience it first hand. Repeat visitors come back to experience that high.

The same is true of “Jersey Boys” fans, of which I consider myself one. First-timers to “Jersey Boys” have no idea the journey they are about to take. They know that they will hear classic rock and roll, but I hear from audience members all the time that they had no idea how invested they would become in the story of these guys from Jersey as they navigate their way through the streets of Newark, run-ins with the Mob, failed relationships and stardom.

Every night, our audiences laugh, cry and applaud louder than they probably ever thought they could. And I get to hear every belly laugh, sniffle and cheer from the best spot in the house. Sometimes I still pinch myself. “Jersey Boys” and Las Vegas are a worldwide phenomenon — ever-changing, ever-constant. Move over, Dean, Sammy and Frank. Frankie, Bob, Tommy and Nick are the new guys in town, and we don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Click HERE to read the full post from Travis & Graham.

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